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'A' Grade Gypsum

One of GM Richardson Pty Ltd's key goals is to provide a quality service and product that provides exceptional value to our clients.

The achievement of this goal is supported by our membership of the Victorian Natural Gypsum Miners Association (This website offers information about quality standards, testing and mining)

To meet continual improvement of our service and to ensure strict quality control of our product  GM Richardson Pty Ltd conduct ongoing sampling of our gypsum stock and future supply via the effective testing equipment operated by the Victorian Natural Gypsum Miners Association.

GM Richardson Pty Ltd owns and operates screening equipment capable of screening Gypsum down to a granular size of 4mm. Our gypsum spreader is available for clients upon request.

We recommend clients seek independent professional advice from a local agronomist or conduct independent soil testing for application rate and frequency.

A naturally occurring soft crystalline material which is a hydrated form of calcium sulphate. Deposits occur naturally in inland Australia. Gypsum predominately contains calcium and sulphur. It is used to improve soil structure and reduce crusting in hard setting clayey soils.

Heavy sticky clay soil is difficult to cultivate. The traditional method of breaking down clay is to incorporate lots of organic matter into the soil and to add gypsum, a powdery natural mineral (calcium sulphate). This changes the soil structure from big clods to a fine, easily worked texture which improves drainage. Gypsum also releases minerals within the soil structure from the clay particles so that they become available for plant nutrition. It is important to use natural gypsum, not the white builder's gypsum, for this purpose.

Gypsum (calcium sulphate) can be used as an ameliorant for dispersive soils. Gypsum initially provides an electrolyte effect to the soil. This prevents clay particles from swelling and therefore reduces dispersion. A longer term effect of gypsum is to replace exchangeable sodium attached to clay particles with exchangeable calcium which makes the soil less sodic and reduces dispersion.


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